How it works

PrintWatch: making your life easier with the power of Artificial Intelligence

PrintWatch monitors your 3D print in real-time to detect any possible defects or failures to stop them before they waste time and material. PrintWatch has been optimized to run with minimal hardware and setup – making your life even easier. Just plug and play, and enjoy your day.

When you start a print job, the PrintWatch software initializes and begins recognizing normal features and movements in the print job. The software is also constantly looking for anomalies and defects throughout the print job. This is done by running the video feed from your camera through a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) that predicts multiple locations where defects exist.

When the software detects that a defect is present, it begins to track the defect. If the defect gets worse, then the printer is signaled to pause the print job, turn off the heat to the extruder hotend, and notify the user.

Each printer setup may be a little different, so you can decide how sensitive the software is to defects. Additionally, you can set what actions you want to take when a defect triggers the system. Whether you would rather receive a SMS message, email, or nothing at all is up to you.


Watch the quickstart video to see how easy it is to start printing with PrintWatch.

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