3D Printing,


Machine Learning models detecting failures so you can focus on more important things. Try 1-Month for free to see if PrintWatch is right for you.

Print failure example

Time Saved: 2 hours and 34 minutes
Material Saved: 115 grams


Unlimited Usage

Run PrintWatch as often as you’d like, there are no usage limits. Running a 24/7 printing operation? Take advantage of PrintWatch to watch your prints day and night for one flat rate.



Run continuously with no limit

Monitor any number of printers

More than defect detection

PrintWatch does more than just monitoring your print job for defects, it can detect slight changes and anomalies in your fleet of printers so you can schedule maintenance and reduce downtime.



Monitor the health of your 3D printer fleet

Reduce downtime

Research and Development

New Machine Learning models and algorithms are constantly being developed at printpal.io to make 3D printing more efficient. We train new models every week using feedback data to make the model more accurate and robust for everyone. By subscribing to PrintWatch you are entitled to these new features at no additional cost.



Features developed by your demand

Constant research and development of state of the art technology

Weekly build updates for the Object Detection model

Key Features

Trusted software that works

Built with the most advanced state of the art technology.

Trusted by leading Industry Manufacturers

Over 93% Accuracy on the toughest validation sets.

Tuned algorithms to adapt to your printer setup

Easy setup & management

Run on an old laptop or Raspberry Pi. Just plug and play.

Get printing in 10 minutes

Input your preferences and start printing. No additional apps or webpages to manage

Get the latest updates automatically

Customize your settings

Get notified when your print fails, or don’t, you decide. Customize PrintWatch your way.

Email & SMS notifications

Toggle print pausing and extruder heater shutoff on failure

Choose the detection sensitivity that works best for your printer


Easy Integration with OctoPrint

Install our PrintWatch plugin from the official OctoPrint plugin repository to get started.





Run with other OctoPrint plugins enabled

Quick and easy setup in less than 10 minutes

Run on virtually any device. See configuration

Custom API Integration

Customize PrintWatch to work with your setup. Scale up to thousands of devices, add custom features, and meet your design specifications.



Unlimited API calls

Scale up to thousands of devices

Work with our team of Engineers

How to get started using OctoPrint


Frequently Asked Questions



Will my prints be falsely stopped?

We trained our detection model with robust real-world data in dynamic settings so it will perform on any printer. The algorithm is written such that a single detection does not trigger any actions. The software tracks defects and takes action when the defect worsens.

Do I need internet?

If you are using the OctoPrint plugin or API, you need internet. We offer an offline version that does not require internet. We offer embedded devices with easy to use web interfaces that will work with most configurations. Contact us for more information.

Does it scale well?

Whether you are a hobbyist printer, small printer farm owner, or a manufacturing industry specialist, our software will keep up with your demand. Scale up and serve thousands of printers simultaneously.

How is my data handled?

All API requests encrypt your stream for inference. No third-party has access to your data. Our Industry options allow for in-house inferencing on an embedded device for additional security.

What’s the pricing?

PrintWatch API plans start at $9/month for one printer. Each additional printer is $4/month. We offer customizable plans to fit your needs, just contact us.

What are the minimum requirements?

There are no hard-coded requirements. As long as your device can handle a 0.4 Megapixel stream at 0.1 FPS it will work. If you are using the API then internet access is also required.