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3D Printing Software Survey 2024: Harnessing Software for Smart Manufacturing

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3D Printing Software survey 2024: Harnessing Software for Smart Manufacturing

The 2024 3D Printing Software Survey Report by unveils a pivotal industry shift towards software-centric operations, highlighting software solutions—particularly AI defect detection and cloud management—as essential for optimizing 3D printing efficiency and innovation across various user demographics.

Key Survey Findings:

Greater Focus on Software Adoption:

  • Software integration has become a critical component of 3D printing operations. There’s a clear shift from considering software as a luxury to recognizing it as a necessity.
  • With the industry’s software segment projected to grow from $5.2 billion to $43.7 billion by 2032, it’s evident that software solutions are essential for scaling operations and enhancing production quality.

Appetite for AI Defect Detection:

  • AI Defect Detection is gaining traction, with almost half of the users integrating it into their 3D printing processes.
  • This technology is not only sought for its efficiency but also for the promise it holds in improving the accuracy and reliability of print jobs, marking a substantial step forward in the industry’s quality control measures.

Cloud Management in Larger Fleets:

  • There is a pronounced trend towards cloud management usage and placed value among larger printer fleets, compared to users with 1 or 2-5 printers.
  • Among users managing fleets of 5-20 printers, a significant portion uses cloud management on a majority of their printers, underscoring the importance of achieving operational efficiency and scalability in more extensive operations.

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