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PrintWatch Release Notes

The official Release Notes for the debut of PrintWatch.

1.0 PrintWatch 1.0.0 Release Notes

The document formatted release notes for PrintWatch can be found here.

1.1 Major Features

The major features and their descriptions are listed below:

  • Print Defect Monitoring: Machine Learning Computer Vision model-based defect detection in real-time
  • Printer Command Communication: Communicate with OctoPrint compatible printers to send pause and temperature commands
  • Email Notification: Notify users of failure via Email
  • Bounding-Box Image Feedback: Add bounding-box around defects to the image included in Email Notification
  • Fleet Model Training: Train the defect detection model using data samples from the fleet (only with user permission, look in settings)
  • Anomalous Printer Monitoring: Using a variety of values, monitor which printers in your fleet are likely problematic. This is currently deployed server-side, not accessible to the user at the moment. This will be released to the user in a future release. See Future Features.

1.2 Bug Fixes

There are no known bug fixes.

1.3 Known Issues

There are no known issues.

1.4 Future Features

The major features planned for the next release are listed below:

  • MultiCam to Single-Frame: Take two or more camera angles on a single printer and run them as a single printer instance.
  • Multi-region slicing to Single-Frame: Highlight key areas in a single frame to stitch into one frame to run as a single printer instance.
  • Anomalous Printer Monitoring (Client-side): Monitor your fleet of printers using various data to receive real-time insights on the health of your fleet. This will be able to detect any problematic or anomalous printers. Currently running server-side for training and deployment integration.
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