Navigating 3D Printing Control: Exploring DuetWebControl for Duet 3D Boards


In the realm of 3D printing, the interface between users and their printers is a critical element that influences the overall experience. DuetWebControl, designed for use with Duet 3D boards, stands as a sophisticated web-based control interface that empowers users with an intuitive and feature-rich platform. This article aims to provide insights into what DuetWebControl is, its key features, and a guide on how to use it to maximize your 3D printing experience.

What is DuetWebControl?

DuetWebControl is a web-based user interface designed to work seamlessly with Duet 3D control boards. Developed by the Duet3D team, this interface provides users with a visually intuitive and responsive platform to monitor, control, and manage their 3D printers. DuetWebControl is an integral part of the Duet3D ecosystem, enhancing the accessibility and functionality of Duet control boards.

Key Features of DuetWebControl:

Real-Time Monitoring:

DuetWebControl offers real-time monitoring of crucial parameters such as temperature, print progress, and motion control. Users can gain instant insights into the status of their 3D printer during the entire printing process.

Responsive Design:

The interface is designed to be responsive, ensuring accessibility from various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This adaptability allows users to manage and monitor their printers remotely.

Intuitive Control Panel:

DuetWebControl presents an intuitive control panel that allows users to initiate, pause, resume, or cancel prints with a click. Manual control options for individual axes facilitate calibration and troubleshooting.

File Management:

Users can upload and manage G-code files directly from the DuetWebControl interface. This file management feature simplifies the print preparation process, providing a centralized platform for selecting and initiating prints.

Temperature Control:

DuetWebControl enables users to set and monitor temperature targets for the hotend, heated bed, and additional components. Precise temperature control is crucial for printing with different materials that have specific temperature requirements.

How to Use DuetWebControl:

Board Compatibility:

DuetWebControl is specifically designed for Duet control boards, such as the Duet 2 and Duet 3 series. Ensure that your 3D printer is equipped with a compatible Duet control board.


Ensure that your Duet control board is connected to your 3D printer and powered on. Additionally, the control board should be connected to your local network or directly to the device you plan to use to access DuetWebControl.

Access DuetWebControl:

Open a web browser on your preferred device and enter the IP address of your Duet control board, followed by the specified port (e.g., http://[IP_ADDRESS]:[PORT]). This will bring up the DuetWebControl interface.

Interface Overview:

Familiarize yourself with the different sections of the DuetWebControl interface, including the dashboard, control panel, file management, and temperature control. Each section provides specific functionalities for managing your 3D printer.

Monitor and Control:

Use the real-time monitoring features to observe temperature graphs and track print progress. Utilize the control panel to initiate or manage prints, make manual adjustments, or troubleshoot issues as needed.

File Management:

Upload G-code files directly to the DuetWebControl interface. Select the desired file to initiate a print, providing a streamlined process for managing and executing print jobs.


DuetWebControl stands as a cornerstone in the Duet3D ecosystem, providing users with a powerful and user-friendly interface to interact with their 3D printers. By harnessing the capabilities of DuetWebControl, users can elevate their 3D printing experience, enjoying real-time monitoring, precise control, and efficient file management. Embrace the accessibility and responsiveness of DuetWebControl, and unlock a new level of convenience and control in your additive manufacturing journey. Happy printing!

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