Unveiling Fluidd UI: Elevating 3D Printing Control with Klipper Firmware


As the 3D printing landscape continues to evolve, enthusiasts seek innovative ways to optimize their machines for enhanced performance and user experience. Fluidd UI, designed specifically for use with the Klipper 3D printing firmware, emerges as a powerful interface, offering a seamless blend of functionality and accessibility. This article explores what Fluidd UI is, its key features, and provides insights into navigating and harnessing its capabilities for an elevated 3D printing experience.

What is Fluidd UI?

Fluidd UI is a web-based user interface tailored for Klipper firmware, known for its precision and efficiency in 3D printing. Developed to simplify printer control and monitoring, Fluidd UI is designed to run on single-board computers, such as Raspberry Pi, leveraging Klipper’s offloading capabilities for smoother and more responsive interactions.

Key Features of Fluidd UI:

Responsive Web Interface:

Fluidd UI boasts a responsive and user-friendly design, ensuring accessibility across various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. This adaptability empowers users to manage their 3D printer remotely with ease.

Real-time Monitoring:

One of Fluidd UI’s standout features is its real-time monitoring capabilities. Users can access detailed temperature graphs, track print progress, and receive live updates on key parameters such as hotend and bed temperatures. This instant feedback is crucial for maintaining optimal printing conditions.

Print Queue and File Management:

Fluidd UI introduces a print queue system, allowing users to organize and prioritize multiple print jobs. The interface also facilitates file management, making it convenient to upload, select, and initiate prints directly from the UI.

Control Panel:

The control panel within Fluidd UI provides an intuitive interface for managing the 3D printer. Users can start, pause, or cancel prints effortlessly, and manual control options for axis movement and homing make calibration and troubleshooting straightforward.

Multi-Printer Support:

Fluidd UI is designed to support multiple printers through a single interface. This feature is particularly beneficial for users with multiple 3D printers, allowing centralized management from a single platform.

How to Use Fluidd UI with Klipper:

Install Klipper Firmware:

Ensure that you have Klipper firmware installed on your 3D printer. Additionally, set up a compatible single-board computer, such as a Raspberry Pi, to run Klipper.

Install Fluidd UI:

Install Fluidd UI on the same single-board computer following the installation instructions provided in the Fluidd documentation. This typically involves running specific commands in the terminal.


Configure Fluidd UI by adjusting settings according to your preferences. The configuration files are well-documented, making it easy to tailor the interface to your specific needs.

Access Fluidd UI:

Once installed and configured, access Fluidd UI by opening a web browser and entering the IP address of your single-board computer followed by the specified port (e.g., http://[IP_ADDRESS]:[PORT]).

Explore and Utilize:

Familiarize yourself with the Fluidd UI interface. Navigate through the different sections, including the dashboard, control panel, print queue, and file management. Experiment with the controls and features to understand the breadth of functionality Fluidd UI offers.


Fluidd UI for Klipper firmware represents a significant step forward in simplifying and enhancing the 3D printing experience. Its responsive design, real-time monitoring capabilities, and feature-rich interface make it a valuable tool for enthusiasts seeking a user-friendly and efficient platform. By integrating Fluidd UI into your 3D printing setup, you can gain precise control over your printer, whether you’re in the same room or halfway around the world. Embrace the future of 3D printing with Fluidd UI and Klipper, and discover a new realm of convenience and control in your creative journey. Happy printing!

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